Sotcher Lake

Sotcher Lake, California

Sotcher Lake is a small spring-fed lake located west of the town of Mammoth Lakes in Reds Meadow Valley. The lake is located in a granite catch basin on the western edge of Mammoth Mountain. Nearby is Devils Postpile National Monument.

Though small, Sotcher Lake is the larger of the two lakes found in Reds Meadow Valley. The other lake, located to the north, is Starkweather Lake.

In the summer, Sotcher Lake is popular for outdoor activities including fishing, hiking, and picnicking. An easy 1.5 mile trail surrounding the lake allows visitors to experience the flora, fauna and geology of the area.

Another unique feature of Sotcher Lake are the logs which cover the bottom of the lake. Many of these logs ended up on the bottom of the lake after historic avalanches which stuck the area in the past.


Sotcher Lake is located in Mammoth Lakes.

GPS Coordinates: 37.626774,-119.073209


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