North Lake

North Lake, California

North Lake is a beautiful alpine lake situated high above Bishop at 9,500 feet along the North Fork of Bishop Creek. Surrounded by Aspen groves, Lodgepole pines, and Jeffrey pines, the lake offers a serene and picturesque setting any time of the year.

You might already be familiar with North Lake without ever visiting. If you use an Apple Mac computer with the “High Sierra” operating system, you’ll see a wallpaper from North Lake.

Though the lake is beautiful throughout the year, fall is a special time to visit. During this season, the trees surrounding North Lake transform, with many taking on a golden hue. The lake’s waters beautifully mirror these vibrant colors.

While there are no campgrounds directly on the lake, North Lake Campground is conveniently located just to the west of the lake. Other nearby campgrounds include Sabrina Campground, Bishop Park Campground, Intake 2 Campground, and Forks Campground.


From Highway 395 in Bishop, turn west on State Route 168 (West Line St). Continue on State Route 168 (West Line St) for 18 miles to N Lake Rd. Turn right on N Lake Rd. Continue on N Lake Rd for 1.1 miles to reach the lake.

GPS Coordinates: 37.231330,-118.614270


Nearby Fishing

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South Lake - 4.92 miles away
Bishop Creek - 7.58 miles away

Nearby Campgrounds

North Lake Campground - 0.76 miles away
Sabrina Campground - 0.93 miles away
Bishop Park Campground - 1.36 miles away
Bishop Park Group Campground - 1.46 miles away
Lower Intake 2 Campground - 1.66 miles away
Upper Intake 2 Campground - 1.66 miles away
Forks Campground - 2.49 miles away
Four Jeffrey Campground - 2.68 miles away
Mountain Glen Campground - 2.68 miles away
Table Mountain Group Campground - 2.93 miles away
Big Trees Campground - 3.03 miles away
Willow Campground - 3.92 miles away
Bitterbrush Campground - 4.92 miles away