Grant Lake

Grant Lake, California


Grant Lake is located in the town of June Lake.

GPS Coordinates: 37.842394,-119.112844


Nearby Fishing

Lake Name Miles Away
June Lake 4.24 miles
Silver Lake 4.61 miles
Gull Lake 4.9 miles
Reversed Creek 5.31 miles
Rush Creek 5.42 miles
Lee Vining Creek 6.29 miles
Ellery Lake 9.35 miles
Tioga Lake 9.56 miles

Nearby Campgrounds

Campground Name Miles Away
Oh Ridge Campground 3.78 miles
Silver Lake Campground 4.1 miles
June Lake Campground 4.65 miles
Gull Lake Campground 5.08 miles
Reversed Creek Campground 5.2 miles
Lower Lee Vining Campground 6.34 miles
Hartley Springs Campground 6.39 miles
Moraine Campground 6.56 miles
Aspen Campground 7.79 miles
Big Bend Campground 8.58 miles
Glass Creek Campground 9.14 miles
Obsidian Flat Group Campground 9.22 miles
Tioga Lake Campground 9.73 miles
Ellery Camp Campground 9.77 miles